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Growing up in Kenya,my parents recognized my keen interest in sewing at a very early age.A neighbor introduced me to fashion designing which resulted my spending a lot of time away from home.This resulted in my parents investing in a new sewing machine.I have not looked back since then.Through the years, I have continued to hone my skills in creating unique pieces of womens ready to wear clothing.In the face of mass produced clothing  or high end couture ,there is always a need for the working class woman ,who needs quality affordable clothing.Gusa ,a Swahili term for Touch, is what I do best. Allow Gusa By Victoria ,to be a part of your wardrobe.


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Mafunzo ya Kiswahili -Kiswahili Lessons: Children

Have you ever wished you could give your child a new experience in learning all he/she can about the world around them? Do you have life long dreams of traveling to East Africa namely Kenya ,Tanzania or Uganda & be able to hold a simple conversation with the locals? Do you want your child to learn the basics of Kiswahili? We have the classroom setting for you. For children ages 6 - 13 years of age. 4 sessions of Saturday morning classes, will have them speaking in a new language. Your child will be the coolest kid in his/her school!

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